Monday, August 4, 2008

My First project with my E

I finally bought the Cricut Expression "E". I couldn't pass up the price at AC Moore.

I read on the Cricut Newsletter of Word Books and wanted to make one for my daughter of our new kitty.

The directions for use with the Expression Cricut Machine and PS (Plantin Schoolbook) Cricut cartridge.

Here are the directions of how I had written them down - someone made a LOVE word book from another MBer (change the letters to whatever you like):

Important Make sure you have the mix and match feature ON
Make sure the paper saver feature is OFF
Make sure you have the end caps feature ON
Choose 5 ½”
Using the endcaps feature
for "L" card - space - L
for "O" card - space - space - O
for "V" card - space - space - space - V
for "E" card - space - space - space - space - E
For shade use endcaps shadow feature and repeat as above, it you use caplocks for above use them for the shadow too.
Adhere the fronts to the shadows and trim the outside of the letters. I found that the "O" covered the "V" too much so I lined up the "L" and the "O" and trimmed both so the "O" was not so far over the "V"

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