Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chapstick key chain

Saw this on Pinterest and couldn't wait to try it.
Here's my version:
I bought the ribbon at Wal-Mart yesterday and cut the roll up into 8" lengths.
I hemmed the bottom and had a huge bag of D rings so I sewed one to the top.
Then folded up the bottom and side stitched it up.
This is how the back looks.
Can't wait to attach it to my purse. I made more to sell at a craft fair next month.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tassel bead necklaces

I bought these crackle beads in Key West last week and wasn't sure what I was going to make with them.

I decided to make Christmas presents in the form of tassel necklaces.
I bought the completed 18" necklaces from Michael's craft store today, made the jump ring and formed the bead chain and firsr attached the bead to the necklace chain.
I then cut chain in 5 pieces: 9 links, 11 links, 13 links, 11 links and lastly one more at 9 links then added them to another jump ring attached to the end of the bead chain.
I'm so into tassles since I learned how to at a class. (I'll post that in a post later on in the week.)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Birthday classy card

I wanted to make my daughter a super grown up card. I can't believe she'll be 25 next week.

I started with a solid black base card. Using my circle cutter, I cut three staggered circles. I used textured DCWV Old World Cardstock.
I added a border and punched butterflies with pearls.
I even fancied up the inside with the same border punch.

Wire wrapped Love bracelet

I recently took a word wrap class at Michael's craft store where I learned to word wrap with wire.
Important notes:  draw out your word
Use proper thickness of wire for your intended purpose
Have the proper tools
Work with the wire on the spool (this was hard for me as it got in my way)

First we did the word Mom...the m were tricky and the perfectionist in me got a little frustrated.... Marianne, the instructor ask my daughter and I what other word we would like to wrap so we tried "Love".

I was pleased at the outcome and made it into a bracelet.

Taking 18 gauge wire we started with a loop, using round nose pliers and partway down the tip.
The "L" was easy bringing the wire up and guiding it down and around.
Again drawing it for the "o", I kept wanting to go in the opposite direction
Continued with the "v", you have to use a minimal amount of wire for the top or start of the "v" and almost picture it in your head
The "e" was easy as well as the last loop.

Since I brought my bag of jewelry making necessities, I cut off a bit of chain, added a lobster claw to make a bracelet.

Also love dangles so added a premade charm.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Farewell banner

With some old 8 1/2 x 11 pattern paper, twine and computer font I was able to quickly make this banner.
Cut the stack of paper with my old guillotine type cutter into 4 x 8 pieces to make each flag. Took the cut stack and placed them in the guillotine to cut the flag "V" out of the bottom.
Kept the stack together and with my Crop-a-dile punch holes an inch from the top edges.
To save time from dragging out my Cricut and finding which font I wanted...I used a Microsoft font at a font size of 88 so it could be seen. Printed it with enough space to be able to cut a border all around.
Glued each letter to solid cardstock and ran green twine through the holes. Quick and this may make me create others for different occasions!
 I placed the banner in 3 sections so he could see it walking up the stairs of my raised ranch.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pastor week cards

We are providing cards to our Pastors at our church on Sunday so I spent some time yesterday creating these cards.
Sentiment and image from Stampin' Up set Faith in Nature. Using various inks from Martha Stewart I stamped the script leaves of 4 different colors.

I scored in various placed to add accents, tried to keep it masculine.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Masculine Good Luck card

Made this card using Tim Holtz embossing folder, the words are a thin long Sizzix die and made corresponding banners raised on foam squares.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wire wrapped bobby pins

I am loving a new craft, wire wrapping. Luckily I already had everything to make these beaded bobby pins.
 I took 6" of wire (I believe it is either 22 or 24 gauge) , looped one end to the flat portion of the pin. Strung on a bead, wrapped the wire through the pin came around again and repeated the process. When I got to the end I wrapped the wire three times and secured it just before the end feed point of the bottom bobby pin.
Sold 5 yesterday and only charged $1.00 each.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Repurpose old fashion Christmas light bulbs

I bought a bag of these at a yard sale years ago and finally got to glitter them up.
The glitter was ultra fine (actually was a fall clearance bundle also on clearance years ago.) Mod Podge Matte the outside and not the cap. Added green hook wires and hot glued ribbon around the wire and cap. Final step to keep glitter sealed in (before adding ribbon) was a clear spray sealer.
Thought about what else it needed so punched out a saying and hung it off the wire. Now to package up for craft fair!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Metal star ornaments

I repurposed some metal flashing into star ornaments.
Sizxix star die
Crop-a-dial to punch holes in metal