Thursday, July 23, 2015

6x6 tile made into a trivet

Another gift idea. I picked up 8 of these 6x6 tiles for .25 each!

Printed the image on photo paper and Mod Podge it to the tile. I used my brayer to go over it so it wouldn't pop up.

Let it dry for a few hours then took a Gloss Mod Podge spray and went over the top twice.

Dollar Tree mug etched

As soon as I saw this huge mug at DT I knew gifts were in mind.
I printed off a template of The New England Patriots and using Contact paper I cut out the stencil.

Placed it to the glass and dabbed on a thick layer of etching cream
I left it on for 40 minutes just to be on the safe side as my cream was old.

It is hard to get a clear picture due to the glass. I'm quite pleased and got the etching on my first try!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Terracotta Gumball machines

These have been on my craft to do list for a long time.
I purchased the items 3 months ago and just got to paint them this past weekend.

The base is a 5" pot I purchased at Dollar Tree
The globes I had on hand (they were a perfect fit!)
The covers we picked up at AC Moore
The red paint I had on hand

Glue used was E-6000 to glue the globe to the base and the wooden bead (also from my stash) to the top so that the candy can be removed.

I am only keeping one - perhaps sell or gift the other one. I really want to paint on what would be typical the candy return, but not sure how to do it.  I may look for a metal or hardware to glue on to resemble the output, not sure.

To get it glossy, I use Gloss Mod Podge and painted on two coats with a foam brush.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Terracotta Pot

I saw a similar idea and immediately had to make it.
Bought the white terracotta pot (I wanted natural but this ended up working out great) at Dollar Tree
I painted it a based yellow color so when I glued on the sand the white would not show through

Use matte Mod Podge and adhered the sand to the pot. I picked up a bag of sand at Michael's for 2.99 - 40% off coupon of course!

Added the twine also from Dollar Tree and hot glued the shells from an old Florida trip.