Friday, July 10, 2015

Terracotta Gumball machines

These have been on my craft to do list for a long time.
I purchased the items 3 months ago and just got to paint them this past weekend.

The base is a 5" pot I purchased at Dollar Tree
The globes I had on hand (they were a perfect fit!)
The covers we picked up at AC Moore
The red paint I had on hand

Glue used was E-6000 to glue the globe to the base and the wooden bead (also from my stash) to the top so that the candy can be removed.

I am only keeping one - perhaps sell or gift the other one. I really want to paint on what would be typical the candy return, but not sure how to do it.  I may look for a metal or hardware to glue on to resemble the output, not sure.

To get it glossy, I use Gloss Mod Podge and painted on two coats with a foam brush.


Georgiana said...

These look awesome. I have thought about making them, but never have. Now I might need to since yours look so great!

- - Sheryl - - said...

Thank you, I hope you'll make one. Now for me to fill it.