Monday, January 17, 2011


To all my Cricut friends - did anyone happen to pick up an extra Pagoda at the Michael's 9.99 sale.
I went to three stores and they were sold out of that one.
I had the cart in my hand the Friday before when it was 29.99 (not knowing of the 9.99 sale would be going on 2 days later) and put it down..... so - I am wondering if anyone grabbed it or perhaps did not want it. I bought Paisley which I like - but now I am having buyers sorrow... about Pagoda. I am checking a few online stores like Custom Crops and Oh My Crafts.

Just thought I would ask.
Have a great day and hoping to get some layouts done as it is a holiday from work today to observe Martin Luther King Jr.


Melissa said...

I haven't seen Pagoda at any of the M's I've been to. I would have LOVED to have got Paisley! If anyone sees one of those grab it for me please!

Sheryl, I am going to two other M's today and if I find Pagoda I will grab it for you!

Lauren said...

I wish I would've known - they had several pagodas at my M's. I picked up one for myself. (Plus Paisley, Speaking of Fall, Jasmine, Jubilee, Simply Sweet, and My World).
I was unable to find Old West though... I really like the rope font on that one, so I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find it.

Love That Bug said...

Sorry I can't help ya out. I haven't been to michaels yet.

just2ducky said...

I detest buyers remorse. Your upset that you bought it and your upset if you "don't" buy it. Just can't win! So I say, buy them all at once and then you only have one day of remorse. LOL! Good luck, I would grab you one, but I haven't seen them either.

Melissa said...

Sheryl, I haven't had any luck finding it yet, but I'm not giving up! I have a couple more M's that I can check hopefully within the next couple days!