Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Red Sox Hair Bow

Sunday afternoon my daughter received a text that her friend got Red Sox tickets for next Tuesday's game.  My daughter loves bows and stated she makes bows for a lot of events for her hair.

Asking if I had red ribbon and the hair bow clips, I went to my stash downstairs and produced 4 clips (whew! as I did not want to go to Wal-Mart or Michaels). The only wired red ribbon I have is a sheer typed, but it worked ok. (I keep all my ribbon separated by color so that was easy to find.)

We took a couple of the Red Sox bottlecaps off the two last keychains I had left from Saturday and hot glued them to the bow, and which was hot glued to the clip.

Quick craft but effective. 
FYI: To ensure the bow stayed on the clip I did take a 2 inch piece of thin red ribbon and hot glued around the center of the bow and wrapped it around the metal clip prior to adding the bottle cap.
FYI: To keep the ribbon from fraying you can use Fray Check or clear nail polish. This kind you cannot use the lighter method as it distorts the ends.


Georgiana said...

Great idea. My daughter loves to make hair bows too. I will have to share with her.

- - Sheryl - - said...

Stamping With Bibiana said

cute idea...

Thanks bibiana! It was quick and glad I had the items on hand.