Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jean bag accent

I used my bag last night at my crochet group I go to on Wednesday nights and the ladies loved the bag.
I also showed them another accent I did to dress up the bag. You can see the full version of the repurpose jean bag here.

I cut (approx.) a 6 inch circle of the left over jeans (leg portion) and hand stitched a running stitch along the outer edge of the circle. Pull the thread to create the yo yo. You will noticed I used the inside (reversed colors) so that it would show up on the pocket.
Then I created this bottlecap accent by gluing this image from etsy of flowers and birds, used glossy dimension to seal the top.
To get it to stay to the fabric yo yo I used E6000 glue and it took approx. 30 mins to set to where I could use a large safety pin and then pin it to the pocket.
It's adorable, I think :)

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