Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year - a couple cards

To all my followers and blogger friends - Happy New Year and hope this year brings you with good health and memorable times.

Here is a card I made last night with my new Cricut Cart and Embossing HSN folders I bought myself for Christmas... well I had my husband wrap them as it's safer and I like to buy on sale!

Anyway - The Cricut cart was the solutions BlackLetter that I wanted forever - which I purchased online for 25.00 and it has 20% off. Yahoo what a bargain I thought.
THe letters were cut at 1"
The back ground is one of those new HSN Cuttlebug Embossing (it was a set of 6) folders. I think this one was called Flurries.

Click on the pic to get a better view. (PEarls and inking as well)


62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

I like those folders!!!! Very pretty cards! And I would love a few stamped images of that stamp! I will send you a couple of my newest images in return!!! :)

TropicLuv said...

What a lovely New Year's card, very classy! Aloha!