Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend I started rearranging my crafting area. Gosh I have so much stuff.
One area that needed some easy access and organization was my love for ... ribbon! I have 8 boxes of ribbon!
I got this at Michael's for $12.00 (was on sale for 40% off of 20.00). I have a lot more ribbon but this is a good mix. So I built this yesterday and loaded it up tonight and just hung it on my wall.

Yes - we have the old paneling down in the basement - At some point I want to paint it a light color to brighten it up.
For now I have purchased the white Jetmax cubes and filled them with my items.

So if you are in need of ribbon organization - I think this is a good choice! You'll notice I had to make shift the top bar as the pole then give you accommodate larger spools/wholes. Luckily I had this old brass curtain rod and it was perfect for my Stampin' up ribbon wheels.


just2ducky said...

Clever idea :) Thanks for sharing it!

Aussie Loz said...

ooh, look at all those yummy ribbons! I'm ashamed to say mine are mostly stuffed in containers! I make more mess trying to find some than making the card itself! ♥