Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cricutastic Blog Award

I got this blog award when it was a very busy time in my life. Now that things have quieted down - I want to Thank my wonderful blogger friend Stacy for this award.
We've been followers of each others for quite some time and she makes wonderful creations with her Cricut Carts! Which I need to do more of! LOL

I am to list 5 Cricut things about me
1) I held out in buying the Cricut till August 2008 which I splurged when AC Moore has a great sale which included 4 carts and got the Expression.
2) I have over 60 carts - I say over 60 as some are still in the clam shell - shhhh
3) I used to go on the Cricut message board - but have stayed away since they went to the new format and now focus on my blog and blog friends
4) I only buy carts 35 dollars or less.
5) I do NOT have the G or DS.... I am envious of those who "weld" and "hide" and make fabulous projects

Thanks Stacy!


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Georgiana said...

Thanks for sharing those Cricut facts. I don't think I have paid over $30 for a cartridge. I look for a good deal or wait too.

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Love That Bug said...

You are very welcome :) I thought for sure you might of had G or DS.