Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crochet - who me?

So I have been in awe of those little crochet flowers. I really wanted to make them and by chance I came across a blog of a wonderful woman who did a little video on how to make the flowers s well as the heart.
Mind you - I have NEVER crocheted before.

I bought a hook and some yarn, tried to watch the video - stop, pause, play... stitch... so forth. I had emailed my youngest sister Beverly yesterday morning and in passing I said I am trying to teach myself to make flowers. She said - Sheryl - I know how to crochet. So instantly she was my HERO!

I went over her house and it all made sense.

The little flower with the yarn still showing is my first flower. A little on the tight side - but I was proud. So off to my home I went last night. I made three more and this morning made 3 more 5 petal flowers. I called her to say - Hey I did more and getting my time to 10 mins a flower - don't laugh [giggle] mind you I am very new at all this st sl ch language.

Bev goes on to say - hey I made a 6 petal flower last night - I immediately made 2 - in fact I love the 6 petal better!

So here is the fruits of my labor. Now off to find folks with leftover balls of yarn for me to try different colors.

Here are the 5 petal and the 6 petal
Love you sis!!!


Beverly said...

Hey Sheryl. you are very welcome for showing you how to crochet. You are fast learner and very easy to teach. Great job. I am proud of you for trying this new adventure. Glad I could be a part of it.
Love you, Bev

~JulieH~ said...

Hi Sheryl
I'm trying to teach myself too! Not as successful as you though I love your flowers! You've spurred me on to keep trying!