Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crochet Anklets

On Tuesday I was reading the latest email from a Crochet company and they talked about making crochet bracelets/anklets.
I am not a huge crocheter, but I like little easy items. So I read through the easy chain stitch directions and set out to bring my stash of beads and thin yarn/thread to my crochet group I attend on Wednesday.

(sorry for the glare off the table)

I made a couple per the directions (which I gave away last night) and then changed the directions my way and created the one below for myself.

The faceted beads in this one is a little larger than the metal beads in the first one above. I am running low on the metal beads so I wanted to try my hand at the clear faceted beads on the gold thread.

The way I made mine was as follows:
1) Thread about 10 - 12 beads to the ball of string and leave them on there until you need to move one up. 
2) leave 6" of thread as the lead off tail, then ch 6, move one bead down and ch over the bead,
3) ch 6, then move down another bead and keep repeating till it fits your ankle
leave 6" of thread to end off the anklet to allow for tying.

I'll make a video a little later this week and post it.
thanks for looking!

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