Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Graduation cards

My sister's kids moved on (I believe they call it promote - promotion) from one school to the next level and wanted to make them some specials cards.

 Alycia and Benjamin finished Middle school and now will be entering the High School in the fall so I made these two cards for them.
Christopher has finished the elementary school and will be entering the middle school in the fall and made this for him.
 I picked up a TGI Friday gift card for them to go out for a bite to eat. I used the stars embossing folder from Cuttlebug, the sentiment from Stampin' Up and the graduation cap from a Cricut cartridge. (I had a few left over from the invitations I made a couple months ago)

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Georgiana said...

Nicely done. Yes, promotion and not graduation (Can you tell I am in the education field?). You only graduate from high school and college. So many people get that confused and use it interchangeably.