Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cheat Sheet - Pooh and Friends

Hi All, I just got this cart and wanted to create a cheat sheet - hope you find it useful.

Try either one to down load.



Leave me a comment if you have a problem.

Also - I grabbed this list off the Cricut MB if you find it useful
Bazzil colors for Pooh and Friends to be able to come close to true colors:
Pooh Colors:
Marigold, Maraschino
Pooh (bling): Red Carpet, Bling
Piglet Colors: Piglet, Fussy
Piglet (bling): In the Pink, Feather Boa
Eeyore Colors: Blue, Sweetheart, Romance
Eeyore (bling): Puppy Love, High Heels, Black tie
Tigger Colors: Festive, Raven
Tigger (bling): Tootsie, Black Tie
Kanga Colors: Nutmeg, Petal soft

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