Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome New followers!

I seem to have 5 more followers bringing my number to 286! When I reach 300 - I'll have a blog candy give-a-way to my followers... I am pleased as punch to have you visit - oh my gosh did I really say that.

Well let me tell my latest followers a little about me.
I live in New England where the weather changes every day! I love it so and would not live anywhere else...
We have three children - one in college and two more graduating High School this year!!!
I love all kinds of crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, card making, oh my a little of everything - if I see a new craft - it goes on my "to make" list.

I used to sew a lot when the kids were little, moved to making quilts and those fabric and lace covered albums - ha ha - remember those!
I put my crafting aside in the early 90's but picked it up again in the form of scrapbooking - I have over 20 albums completed and added rubber stamping to my craft portfolio about 5 years ago... got my Cricut oh... maybe 2 1/2 years ago and have about 30 carts (maybe more not opened - shhhh). Love my Cuttlebug too - if a card or item needs oommphhs - emboss it!

Well I ramble on .. and will let you go. Stay tuned for some other things happening here in my corner. And welcome!
Please comment through out my blog as that is the best way for me to find you!
I also have an option over there on the right to get my blog feeds in your emails.

Have a great night!!!
oh I forgot - I post weekly coupons here - craft how to's and blogs I enter.


Melissa said...

Yes...you really said it. I read it and I believe everything I read! :)

Almost there!

Love That Bug said...

Yep, you said it, and I laughed. It was to cute.
Congrats on your many followers sweetie, you deserve them all
Hugs, Stacy