Friday, April 1, 2011

April snow and flowers

....crochet flowers that is as the snow has hidden anything that has tried to pop up!
So this is April 1st and it's not the first time we have gotten snow here in MA on the first of April. Oh gosh I want to say back in 97 or 96 we got two feet of it it was called the April Fools storm back then - I remember well as I was driving over an hour and 1/2 back home from work and the snow closed the highway in which I was on and made for a very long ride home.

We all knew the snow was coming today - and honestly almost expected since we got 8 feet of snow since Christmas. Almost - like yeah - so what! more snow....

Anyway it is pretty on the trees - a little heavy to shovel this morning but I know it will disappear in a day with temps in the 40's.

Last night I went to my friends Louise's house as she knew I liked to crochet little flowers for cards, she wanted to show me how to do it with thread and had a pattern for me to try. Between watching the snow fall, having hot cocoa and chatting - I made this simple flower! I am psyched I can do it with string as the crochet hooks are so small! I taught myself last year how to make a 5 and 6 petal flower with yarn but yarn can be a bit bulky.

I am pleased with this pattern and will be making more.
Please enjoy my snow and flower pictures. LOL!

The border punch is from Martha Stewart which I just bought yesterday as well with a coupon!


Love That Bug said...

I love your flowers. I would love to learn to do this.
Your snow pics are so pretty, hope it melts soon for you

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Sheryl, love-love your flower; and the snow looks just beautiful. However, I'm glad we don't have any... lol!!!


Aussie Loz said...

living somewhere where it never snows (it does on the nearby mountain ranges - but not here) I think the snow looks lovely.. freezing cold - but lovely :)
I love the crochet flowers, I've completely forgotten how I once did it! Have a lovely weekend ♥

Melissa said...

I am so over winter! Your flower is beautiful Sheryl! Can't wait to see more when you create them!