Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bottle Cap Medallion Ornament

I wanted to make an ornament for my sisters (3) and my bother (1) plus me as a remembrance of our dad who passed away a year ago.

I took a non used non crimped bottle cap (thanks Pete!) and ran it through my Cuttlebug to flatten it out. You get a wonderful flare ridge.
Took my Crop-a-Dial and punched two holes in the top and bottom. The top hole is for the hanging string/ribbon. The bottom hole is for a dangle of a charm.
I printed pictures of our dad from last year Father's Day and cut them our with a circle punch. Perfect fit! Glued them to the center.

Now to make the medallion - I saw numerous folks making this as flowers for cards - but I wanted to put it under the bottle cap as I thought it gave it the right above of flare.
I cut a 1" x 12 inch piece of double sided card stock and use my Martha Stewart scoreboard and scored every 1/4". (Could not do this without the scoreboard!)
Fold back and forth and the ends are adhered together with glue to form a circle.
Smush down in the middle and you have a flower of sorts.
Have a couple punch circles ready to put one in the back to keep it all together. I used a glue gun and worked quickly as they will spring back up.

I added ribbon and a cross charm and handed them out at my sister's gathering on Saturday,


Coachfans said...

What a great memory piece. My mother just recently passed away and I would love to use this idea, if that is okay.

Happy Holidays,

Summer said...

Thank you so much for sharing, my father very recently passed and this is a great idea for my sister and some very close family friends.