Friday, July 3, 2009

Wild Card - Gift Card

I always wanted to make this card, it is the Gift Card Cut on the Wild Cart Cricut Cartridge and wondered - what dial sizee do I have t oset this at to actually get a gift card to fit!?
My sister came over last night to make a few cards and this is one we chosed!

To ensure the card can actually hold the gift card in it's slots - you have to cut it at 7".

You can find this card on page 70 of the handout - and Key #39.
I wanted to put a spin to it, my sister wanted to add the sentiment "4you" to the cover. Instead of just cutting out the phrase and gluing it ot the cover, I fed the card back into the Cricut, and lined it up perfectly to cut the 4You actually into the front of the gift card!

If you want to do this, do the following:
Put the card back on the mat, move over the blade to 5 7/8 mark, find the sentiment 4you (key 15) and cut it at 5".

I do not have Design Studio on my laptop - so this was the next best thing!
I have to do this more often!

Here is our creation:

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