Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crochet Necklace covered button

I saw this necklace on a blog, however it appeared that a portion of the directions were not accurate, or I simply could not comprehend (ha!). So I made my own pattern.

With a number 9 crochet hook and some crochet thread (size 20) I think I used a thicker thread, you ch 6 and slip stitch into a circle. That is your center
First Row; ch 1, then dc 13 more, then slip stitch.
Second Row; ch 2 (this will be your first dc so to speak), then ch 4 more, dc into your second dc from Row 1, ch 4 then skip a dc and dc into the next dc, continue until you have 7 loops. (like an open petal)
Third Row, which you can't see; this starts to form a cup to house your fabric covered button. More to come on that.
Third Row; ch 3 then dc into each loop that was made in Row 2, continue until you reach the last, slip stitch closed and pull about 12 inches of thread.
You will use this thread to close the back around the button.

Next, go to your stash of buttons (we all have them) find a size that will fit inside your casing. My button was a semi flat button about 3/4" in diameter. You can use a button with a shank. Get a cotton ball or some batting. Cut  a 1 1/2" circle from a scrap of fabric. I used an older burgundy table napkin.
Take a small bit of cotton/batting and place it in the middle of the fabric circle.
Place the button face down on the fabric and with a needle and thread sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, pull the thread and now your button is cushioned and encased in the fabric circle. sew tightly closed.

Place this button into your crochet casing, with the crochet thread that you cut in reserve, proceed to criss cross the thread up and down in a somewhat nice pattern, I tried to make a star by weaving the loose thread up then over to the right then to the left...

To make the chain it sits on, just do a million, well not a million.... sure felt like it, chain stitches. Click the second picture to see my chain. Attach your covered button by a jump ring. Of course I could not find my nice silver jump rings and had to use an ugly thick jump rings. You can attach any hanging embellishment as well.

I am not an avid crocheter and hope you can understand the directions.

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