Friday, October 15, 2010

While I wait for the acorns to dry

Yes - I have painted acorns - OMG they take so many coats of paint - I've been up and down the stairs - one coat... next coat. Now I have painted the caps... I can't wait to show you all. I really hope I get done with it tonight. Considering I started at 11:00.... this morning.

So I was reading that this year was a "burst" in the acorns. It was weird - I mentioned early on in the summer.. .Why are there so many acorns in our yard. Mind you the tree is not ours - but our neighbors who decided to cut down all his trees a couple weeks ago in his font yard due to car damage of dropping acorns. You could hear them drop... ting ... ting.. .tang... ok so I digress.

So our back yards meet, and this one tree of his drops so many - you would walk - and ouch step on acorns. I made the mistake one day to hang towels on the line with no sneakers or slippers. Let me tell you painful!!!!

So before our rainfall last night - I went out to the land of plenty (LOL) and gather a few of these treasures. (ha!) and saw a post of Mod Podge blog where they painted them. I thought - great - I got today off from work and want to do some crafting...

Or should I say... waiting for the paint to dry.
Any way - I hope it's done soon as I can't wait to finish.


Tanya said...

Can't wait to see them. I saw the ones on the Mod Podge blog. Pretty cool!

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

your creations are adorable, luv the cute...have a super weekend!

enjoy *~*

rickimoo said...

Here in Arizona I have never seen acorn so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to have some of them to paint to. Would you consider mailing some if I paid for the postage? Let me know.