Friday, November 20, 2009

Winner of my Penguin guess the "green"

So I created a spinner card where the penguins were skating on something I reused from a snack.

My boys (who ate the snack) helped choose the winner.

The winner stated:
Saxo Stamper said...

Hi there, this is really cute. I think it might be the bit card/paper type stuff you get in the top of a box of chocolates, they put it between the chocolate and the lid to keep the chocolates from getting squashed. Dairy Milk by Cadburys in particular...

Best wishes
Just Buggin

What was it I used? It was the inner lining paper foil from a bag of cracker.

Karen - I'll make your two cards tonight, if you could email me at and I will send them on their way.
Thanks for playing everyone!

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