Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paper bows

This was the first time I made a paper bow, while I have made them from ribbon, this was a challenge at the Cuttlebug Challenges.
Take a 6" x 12" double sides card stock and cut to these dimensions:
Cut eight strips at 1" X 6",
Then with the remainder 6 x 4 piece, cut one 1" x 4" strip off the top
Lastly cut four 1" X 5" strips.

I used American Crafts cs and ran the pieces through the hounds tooth CB embossing folder.
I then glued each piece using a glue dot - made it less messy and held quickly.
Take 4 of the strips (four of the 1" x 6" will make one layer) and put them together. I put them together with an eyelet instead of a brad - you'll see in the last step. You will need your Crop-A-Dial to punch them all evenly.
Take the last four of the 1" x 6" and do the same - attach them either brad or eyelet.
Then take the four 1" X 5" strips put them together.

Alternate them so the points are in opposite corners.

Now here is where I went a little different, I took a large pearl bead, and ran a thin wire through it so it would go through the last piece of card stock (1" x 4") that was eyelet together to form a loop.
I then took the wire and ran it through all the layers and twisted underneath.


char52 said...

Very nice!

Rhonda Emery said...

great job on your bow and I love the colors.

beejay said...

Wow your bow is PERFECT! These are hard to do in my opinion, great job!